The RIGHT experience

11 Years of Courtroom and Trial Experience

Endorsed by Judge James D. Norlander, for the seat he is retiring from on December 31, 2018.

"I am pleased to endorse Tracie Tomak as our next 10th District Court Judge. She will bring to the court a wide background in dealing with both criminal and civil cases, along with a patient demeanor necessary for the proper and efficient processing of the cases that will come before her. Please join me in voting for Tracie Tomak on November 6th."  - Judge James D. Norlander, 10th District Court

Tracie Tomak has practiced law for 11 years in the private sector.  That means sitting with, listening to, and working beside you and your neighbors.  Tracie has been involved in hundreds of trials in District Court, Circuit Court, Family Court and Probate Court combined.  Longevity does not equal experience.  

Specific Ideas for our Court

The only candidate to express specific ideas to improve the services of our District Court, Tracie Tomak has outlined:

1.  Misdemeanor Drug Court.  We must do better to deal with, and help, people addicted to drugs.  The first time!

2.  Eviction Diversion.  The Landlord-Tenant disputes that come before the District Court are a merry-go-round of unresolved problems for both sides.  Calhoun County must work together to protect the rights of landowners AND to find affordable housing options for our community.  

(**Endorsed by the Battle Creek Area Association of Realtors)

3.  Community Court.  A diversion program that partners local community agencies with individuals for the opportunity to have their charges reduced or dismissed based upon successful volunteering.  Everyone can win!

4.  Human Trafficking specialty docket.  This crime and its victims are growing faster than the law can keep up.  Our District Court must lead the community in dealing with the criminals and helping the victims.

Trusted. Honest. Fair.

Exaggerations are tiny lies.  Be wary of political candidates who stretch the truth to meet their own agenda.  

Tracie Tomak lives by a strict moral code developed throughout her life and experiences.  Faithful to her husband, truthful with her clients, and fair to everyone she meets.  Tracie is a true non-partisan candidate, free from political relationships and obligations.  Her only goal is to SERVE our community.  

Tracie has served the Calhoun County Bar Association as President, Vice President, and Executive Board Member.  She founded the Mary Coleman Women's Law League to increase the volunteerism among the bar assocation.  

Serving as a court appointed Criminal Defense Attorney for 11 years, Tracie has worked her entire career in the District Court Criminal system.  

Having volunteered over 300 hours to help establish and oversee the District Court Sobriety Court Program, Tracie has also donated thousands of pro bono hours to low income clients throughout her career.

Tracie Tomak has proven that her motivation is to HELP our community.  

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Balancing the Bench

Tracie Tomak is the right candidate for our District Court because she is hard-working, experienced in all of our Calhoun County Courts, qualified for the bench, and a proud lifelong leader in our community.  VOTE TRACIE TOMAK for District Judge on November 6, 2018!