Tracie Tomak knows that a Judge is a servant leader.  She has the right balance of legal experience, business experience, and community leadership to serve ALL citizens on the 10th District Court bench.

Tracie does the hard work to resolve cases as an attorney, and has ACTUAL trial experience in ALL of our Calhoun County Courts.  Tracie has Jury Trial experience in District Court, Circuit Court, Family Court and Probate Court.  She has worked on hundreds of trials and evidentiary hearings in her career.

As a certified Mediator Tracie knows the importance of resolving cases and applying the facts to the law.  She treats all persons in the courtroom with dignity and respect while asking tough questions and searching for the truth.  Many opposing parties come back to hire her for other matters due to the diligent and respectful approach she applies to everyone.  

Tracie has the strong personal values, work ethic, and balanced temperament that make her the RIGHT choice to serve as OUR next District Court Judge.

The right experience.  The right person. Someone who wants to serve US.  #Tomak4Judge


Licensed Attorney since 2007, practicing in District Court, Circuit Court, and Probate Court

Licensed to practice law by:

· State Bar of Michigan

· Federal Bar of the Western District of Michigan

· Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi

Executive Board Member and Planning Team Member for 10th District Court Sobriety Court

Founder and Senior Partner, Law Office of Tomak and Podolsky, PLLC

Business Analyst with State Farm Insurance before going to law school

· Charter Property and Casualty Underwriter, 2002

· Corporate Diversity Council Member

· Supervisor

· President, Toastmasters Club

· Corporate Volunteer Council


President, Vice President and Executive Board Member of the Calhoun County Bar Association 

President, Junior League of Battle Creek (2 years)

Outstanding Woman in Business, 2018, Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce

Vice President, Harper Creek Optimists

Board of Directors, Charitable Union

President, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity


  • Born and raised in Battle Creek, graduating from Harper Creek High School in 1985
  • Den Mother for Cub Scout Pack #325
  • Member of St. Philip Catholic Church
  • Member of Junior League of Battle Creek (11 years)
  • Member of Women of Impact
  • Member of Harper Creek Optimists
  • Member of Battle Creek NAACP
  • Battle Creek City Commission Blue Ribbon Committee, 2018
  • Member of Women Who Care
  • Member of Neighborhood Planning Council (NPC) 11
  • Founder of the Mary Coleman Women's Law League
  • Volunteer:  Safe Place, The Haven of Rest, InAsMuch House, Food Bank of South Central Michigan, and more (30+ years of faithful volunteering)


Faithfully married to Jon Galbreath and mother of Nicholas (7 years old)

Exchange Student Host Family

ENDORSED by Bi-Partisan Community Leaders and Law Enforcement, including:

Hon. James D. Norlander, 10th District Court Judge 

(Retiring 12/31/18, and who endorses Tracie Tomak to replace his open seat)

Former US Congressman, Dr. John Schwartz

Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds, Anne B. Norlander

Calhoun County Treasurer, Brian Wensauer

Calhoun County Commissioner, Carla Reynolds

Calhoun  County Commissioner, Jake W. Smith

Hon. Kathleen Hemingway, 8th District Court Judge

Battle Creek City Commissioner, Chris Simmons

10th District Court Administrator, Michelle Hill (retired)

Newton Township Supervisor, Troy Radcliff

Newton Township Trustee, Keith Eyre

Marengo Township Supervisor, Duane Schrontz

Marengo Township Trustee, Duane Hoffman

Leroy Township Clerk, Brenda Schuetz

Leroy Township Treasurer, Mark Christoff

Emmett Township Trustee, Steve Buller

Deputy Sheriff's Association of Michigan


Battle Creek Area Association of Realtors


Kellie Podolsky

Kimberly Wickham

Brandon Hultink

Annie Sherzer

Avar Laws-Wright

Erin Carrier

Hayley Rosner

Miles Beerman

Rhonda Ives

Hannah Bivens

Jim Dyer

Janice Stern

Victor Bland

Tara Sharp

Rodney Hassinger

Community Leaders, Neighbors and Friends:

Diane Kirkham

Adam and Deborah Dingwall

John Sims, Jr.

Barbara Comai

Dr. Tyrone and Shereatha Baines

Bobby Holley

Howard and Suzy King

JoAnne Leche

Drs. Jeff and Joni Jones

Dave and Sue Eddy

LouAnn Mawby

David and Gale Mead

Bob and Marilyn Sackrider

Doug and Lori Bagwell

Tony Newman

Brett Weiss

Andy and Jessica Erard

Greg and Kim Gammons

Jonathan Byrd

Martha Thawnghmung

Zach Norman

Jim and Kathy England

Celeste Walser

Eric and Caroline Blair

Norm Downey

Bob and Lisa Downey

Steve and Monique Whyte

Kimberly Crane

Ginger Cutsinger

Matt and Terrie Godde

Jacob Washburn

Brad and Karissa Hawley

Gordon and Deborah Jackson

Trudy Michela

Mike and Elizabeth Tenney

Beau and Sheley Bess

Chip Bess

Ronald "Pete" and Hallie Bess

Jason and Heather Liss

Joe and Wendy Einhardt

Teressa Anderson

Mark and Lisa Woolfolk

Kim Staib

Jim and Janet Bradley

Laurie Cruz

Laura Baker

Phil and Darcye Wurtzel

Dave and  Mary Ellen Jackson

Heather Volstromer

Jami Rosado

Kristin Myers

Ron Sweet

Denise Jacobs

Yvonne Townsend

Tom Barry

Dr. Craig Miller

Pat and Roger Fosdick

Ed and Beth Greenman

Jennifer Gregor

Tyler Rominger

Matt and Amy Raad

Amber Cunningham

Merik and Erin Warren

Bill and Judy Butler

Jerry and Sharon Geesin

Josh and Danyelle Maitland

Rod and DeAnn Auton

Stan and Diane Elwell

Kara Beer

Chris Knapp

Ryan and Esther Leonard

John and Nancy Sims

Bill Zimmerman

Ryan and Emily Lash

Rusty Cummins

Jimmy Libbrecht

Matt and Sarah Cascarelli

Scott Hankinson

Brent Cornwell

Greg McComb

Jen Hollibaugh

Michael and Tiffany Pignataro

Steven Pignataro

Craig and Diane Smith

Teri Bussler

Ki Banfield

Alyssa Jones

David Crocker

Lisa Berlinger

Damian and Jenny Andrews

R. Lance and Mallory McCreary

Beatrice Wheeler

Shane and Amanda Cope

Jack and Doris McDevitt

Carl and Sally Bulgarelli

Bobbi Hopkins

Laura Daugherty

Kris Cobeen

Matt and Vanessa Hunt

Lori Jewell

Jayna Sebring

Suzy Gilbert

Rahjah and Cecelia Stahlhood

Jim and Samantha Pearl

Jeff Woodworth

Larry and Stevie Karlo

Dan and Joyce Horner

Gene and Barb Rupp

Tammy Yeric

Morgan Smith

Pete and Connie Vunovich

Joanne Sessions

Mark Burke

James and Mandi O'Keefe

Shelley Iverson

Dave and Mindy Ganka

Missy Eldridge

Penny Bennett

Crystal Bell

Elizabeth Shepherd

Dawn Spear

Emma Moore

Donald Armstrong

Nancy Alton

Amy Ashley

Joshua Botann

Traci Alsbury

Kelly Hadlich

Cindy Campbell

Jeanette Dyer

Charles Plummer

Alan Mayo

James E. Carlin

Daniel Erich Heiderman

Sarah Kempf

Megan Brown

Brenda Gentry

Liz Smith

Barbara Marquett

Teresa Burkwalt

Barb Remaley

Amy Kenworthy

Lisa Gardner

Don and Sandy Ossege

Scott and Sharon Waltman

Tammy St. John Ballez

Linda Long

Jen DeRose

Karen Ganey

Nicole Johnson

Karen Dean

Tracy Gogan

Bryan Mix-Dean

Kim Kramer

Gwen Edmonds

Alan and Rebecca Schneider

Brian and Tammy Schneider

John and Sheila Miller

Harry and Sonya Arnold

Cathy Bovitz

Eric Gymer

Jim and Carole Trent

Joe and Candy Misner

(and many more)